Case Study: New systems and controls reduce CUP electrical usage by half in only two years.
Park City Center Case Study (PDF)
EnergyWorks offers a range of service levels from Energy & Environmental Evaluation to full Energy and Infrastructure Outsourcing. Intermediate service offerings allow a customer to gradually transition to the service level that is best suited to its organization and needs.

Service Level One – Energy & Environmental Evaluation

  • Multi-discipline team
  • Energy consumption baseline and demand profiles
  • Current quality of service delivery
  • Greenhouse gas emissions attributable to energy
  • Infrastructure systems and equipment condition survey
  • Smart building quotient
  • Estimated improvement potential

Service Level Two – Conservation and Sustainability Upgrades

  • Policy of remaining technology and brand neutral
  • Collaborate with specialty consultants and technology providers
  • Repair and restore existing systems & equipment
  • Replace or upgrade equipment
  • Implement smart building features
  • On-site generation and co-generation
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Systems automation
  • Remote monitoring & control
  • LEED Certification points – The enhancements EnergyWorks makes to the energy infrastructure, through both asset and operational improvements, directly contribute to LEED Certification credits.

Service Level Three – Energy and Infrastructure Management

  • Integrated system – EnergyWorks utilizes open systems that work on a shared IT backbone. This gives the customer Smart Building capability that can support all building systems maximizing building efficiency and performance
  • Maintenance Management Services, including routine and major maintenance
  • Operations Management Services, including remote monitoring and control
  • Energy Procurement Services, including fuel and electricity
  • Demand Response Programs
  • Energy and environmental performance monitoring

Service Level Four - Energy & Infrastructure Outsourcing

As businesses strive to gain control of their energy use, it becomes apparent that energy management requires specialized expertise and, potentially, significant investments in time, personnel and capital. By outsourcing its energy and infrastructure business processes, a company secures the required management capabilities while conserving its capital and maintaining focus on its core business.

Outsourcing gives EnergyWorks freedom and responsibility to manage the linkages and interactions among the elements that comprise the entirety of the energy value chain. By assuming responsibility for control of energy and infrastructure business processes EnergyWorks also accepts care, custody, and control of the infrastructure physical assets. Depending upon the customer’s needs EnergyWorks will invest its own capital to restore the integrity of existing assets and upgrade the energy infrastructure to provide a reliable, efficient system.

Energy & Infrastructure Outsourcing limits the customer’s risks inherent in energy asset management. Through the enhanced system performance and energy conservation, customers are less vulnerable to increasing energy prices.

Energy & Infrastructure Outsourcing customers can concentrate on their core business without being distracted by mission critical but non-core processes. Outsourcing allows companies to use their capital, time, and personnel to enhance their core business.